Hospital Protected From Flooding - Patients and Staff Rejoice
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We at Environment Solutions have embraced the concept of sustainability and are proud to have gone green!

NoFloods Temporary Cofferdam Deployment

Find out how we used our NoFloods Barriers to make a temporary cofferdam on the coastline of Taarbæk, Denmark.

NoFloods Mobile Barrier - Step by step deployment

Step by step deployment of NoFloods mobile barriers.

We take pride in the logic approach, simplicity and effectiveness of our barriers.

Cofferdamming In Water Works

Cofferdamming in water works

ES Preventive Flood Protection

Many times prevention is the best solution! Here you will find a case for a preventive Flood Protection mobilization.

Flood Barrier repairs

The easy repair of a mobile flood barrier.

What to do if your barrier has been damaged by a car, a tree or other incidents. Using a clamp, you can seal your mobile barrier in less than a minute.

Jyllinge   Wind up winch

Using a winch will allow you to roll up the barriers in no time!

Hurricane Flood Barriers that works!

Reliable flood protection during storms and hurricanes. Once deployed, the barriers are resistant to any wind impact and show its flexibility towards wave impacts during a storm.

Strength test & vandalism

Even if exposed to vandalism, the barriers maintain their shape and continue to protect. They can easily be repaired temporarily using simple products such as a bottle and rubber gloves or gaffa tape.

Easy deployment from a small truck

You are 90 minutes away from protection! It takes only 5 min to deploy the barriers using a small truck; 15 min to assemble the junctions + fill in air; and 70 min to fill with water.

Triple Tube 125 - 180 cm tall

We developed the Triple Tube solution for extreme flooding or curative deployment. The Triple Tube barrier solution is 190cm tall and can be set up even by 2 people.

DR - TwinTube60

Environment Solutions in the Danish National News.

Hytrans and NoFloods - Using high volume pumps

Using Hytrans HS60 high volume pump, we were able to create a 35 meter barrier in 5 minutes, which can resist 80 cm (33") of flood water. The 20 meter TwinTube60 was filled in approx. one minute.

Thailand flood protection / hospital flood protection

In Bangkok, Thailand the mobile barrier has now replaced the traditional use of sandbags as the modern solution or anti-flooding.

TV2 - Gvoir - Barriers - Interview

TV2 Denmark reports on Environment Solutions demonstration for the Danish Emergency Management Agency.

Flood Barrier - The hydraulich winch for easy removal of NoFloods Mobile Barriers

The NoFloods Mobile Barrier from Environment Solutions can be removed fast, easy and effectively with the use of a Hydraulic winch.

3 models - Copenhagen Product Presentation

Product presentation: Twin Tube 60, Twin Tube 125, Triple Tube 60.

NoFloods Mobile Barrier - 200 m TwinTube60 (656ft)

Fast deployment of 200 meter (656 ft) flood barrier. We take pride in the logical approach, fast deployment and effective protection.

The Concept - Easy deployment in 5 steps

Easy deployment in 5 steps for efficient flood protection.


Environment Solutions in canadian news.

Temporary water storage during repairs of water parks

Repair a water park in hours, compared to days. The "Gvoir" from Environment Solutions offers you the opportunity to store the water in big tubes while you make the repair of your water park.

Double reservoir + triple tube

Demonstration of Twin Tube 125 and Triple Tube 125 solutions.

Sweden - River flood protection

The NoFloods watertube solutions can be used to create a dam for River flood protection. Event 2 people can deploy the dam.

Temporay Storage of Liquids, Waste water, Oilspill, Toxic etc.

Gvoir is the unique and patented solution for temporary storage of unlimited amounts of liquids. Typical applications can be temporary storage of: wastewater, toxic spill, oil etc.

Flood protection -- Post flood protection -- protecting flooded areas, buildings infrastructure

NoFloods Mobile Barriers can be used in already flooded areas. With this solution, you are now able to deploy the barrier in flooded areas, cities etc. thus being able to reduce devastations.

             Who we are

                    Headquartered in Denmark, Environment Solutions ApS develops and manufacture solutions for temporary flood protection and liquid storage and we probably offer the most efficient solution for temporary large scale flood protection. We have invested actively in creating the world's most cost-effective solution for flood protection, as well as deploying temporary reservoirs for storing rainwater, wastewater etc. Our products and solutions are based on more than 12 years experience of dealing with floods and natural disasters. Environment Solutions ApS has reinvented the solution for flooding, based on a market driven and customer-oriented approach. Today we probably offer the strongest solutions for large-scale flood protection in terms of price and efficiency. Environment Solutions is represented and markets its products in more than 40 countries.