The patented GVOIR, also known as the Mobile Containment Reservoir is a flexible high quality liquid storage solution designed for temporary storage or encapsulation of any liquid ranging from drinking water to surface water, wastewater, oil spills etc. The concept of GVOIR builds on the same innovative technology as the NoFloods Barrier, combining great flexibility with easy and fast deployment.

Our patented solution is made using only safe and reliable materials to build a system that is flexible, safe and strong. Based on its unique flexibility and the logic “add on system”, the GVOIR can store unlimited quantities of liquid wherever it is needed. What also makes the GVOIR solution unique and differentiating from other existing storage solutions is the opportunity to use the same solutions both as a so called OPEN CONTAINMENT RESERVOIR, with the option to add a membrane eliminating the risk of seepage, or as a CLOSED SYSTEM TANK, where liquids are stored inside the tubes. The GVOIR (Mobile Containment Reservoir) is probably the most efficient solution for temporary storage of liquids.

The NoFloods GVOIR is highly differentiated from other standard solutions for temporary liquid storage, which by tradition are limited by their original size (e.g. container, tank, etc.) The GVOIR has a unique and modular approach, which enables temporary storage of unlimited quantities of liquids, in almost any location, as a “stand-alone” system or as an “add-on” to existing permanent reservoirs.

Compared to other solutions, the GVOIR is highly effective due to:

FAST AND EASY INSTALLATION: The use of terminals, junctions, and tubes in up to 200-meter sections enables fast installation and the use of high-capacity pumps saves critical time and resources.

A MODULAR APPROACH: Each section can be prolonged by the use of junctions thus adding another tube section in any length needed.

LOW WEIGHT: Our tubes are very low weight before filling, without compromising the strength. This makes our solution very flexible and easy to transport.

OPEN AND/OR CLOSED STORAGE SYSTEM:  You can deploy the GVOIR as an open reservoir or as a closed system.

NO LOGISTICS: We use liquids to create the GVOIR. When fighting spills and water-borne disasters liquids are always within reach. No need for transportation of larger heavy systems to create a reservoir.


The GVOIR can be used for the storage of almost all types of liquid that exceeds the normal capacity of tanks, and you have the benefit of a cost-effective solution. It is constructed using only safe, reliable, and approved materials. Examples of usage:

As the NoFloods GVOIR can be deployed on a wide variety of surfaces (sand, grass, asphalt, concrete etc.), it can be used exactly where it is needed. It is also the obvious choice when cleaning ponds and smaller lakes. Due to the possibility of circulating water within the tubes combined with relevant filter systems/ mechanical cleaning systems, the system can be used for cleaning of polluted water before putting the water back into the environment. This makes the NoFloods GVOIR a flexible, environmentally friendly and cost effective solution due to:

The storage capacity of the GVOIR increases exponentially

100 meters, 32 meters in diameter = › storage of approx. 760 m3

200 meters, 64 meters in diameter =› storage of approx. 2800 m3

400 meters, 128 meters in diameter =› storage of approx. 10760 m3

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