Protection of people, critical infrastructure and the environment is of highest importance during flooding and natural disasters. Drinking water, communication, hospitals and electricity are some of the most critical infrastructural entities that must be protected carefully in times of disaster. When polluting factories are flooded the consequence can be devastating for many years to come. A factory polluting the nearby river or lake must be prepared to contain any leak in order to minimize the potential damage.

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Floods and the anticipated effects are difficult to predict in advance. And in most cases, when the catastrophe is threatening, it is often too late and insufficient to prevent the damage by using e.g sandbags. Up till now sandbags have been the standard solution for flood protection even though it is commonly recognized as being both time consuming and ineffective.

We have designed a range of flood control barriers (NoFloods Barriers PRO/BASIC) adapted to the different situations you can be confronted with. The NoFloods Barrier technology delivers highly efficient and cost effective flood protection, and is very easy to install! The Nofloods Barriers does not require any site preparation, nor additional equipment, or permanent installation likely to degrade the aesthetics of the place to be protected from flooding.

No matter if we are talking about the reinforcement of a permanent structure or creating a new protective barrier, the laying out of sandbags requires hundreds of volunteers, logistic efficiency and effectiveness. As the warnings of a flood often come ONLY 48 hours before the flood hits an area, there is no time to start filling and deploying enough sandbags. Often this form of protection is carried out anyway due to “no other alternatives” – till now: Experience tells us that it requires at least one thousand people to build a wall of sandbags that can retain 85 centimeters of water (125 centimeters high and 375 centimeters deep). With the NoFloods Barrier 2-3 people can deploy at least 1 kilometer of effective Flood Protection protecting from 85 centimeters of water within 4 hours.


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