Environment Solutions - ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

A Commitment to Quality

At Environment Solutions quality is valued throughout the organization.  We have earned the International Standardization Organization’s certification ISO 9001:2008, demonstrating our dedication to continuous improvement and superior performance in all aspects of our business.

Environment Solutions systematically monitors our quality through customer feedback, individual self-assessment, regular management reviews, and annual quality assessments. We constantly hone our processes, maintaining our commitment to the ongoing improvement of our operations and services. At Environment Solutions we also has a defined list of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and quality targets that are constantly measured and analyzed.  We strive to meet every target, however when targets are not reached, corrective actions are implemented, the results of which are closely monitored.  During the annual review, the management team compares the previous year’s performance against a series of quantifiable measurements and discusses potential adjustments to be made within our quality policy.

Employee training is a key component of Environment Solutions’ quality program.  Every new employee receives training in methods and procedures. The training SOP’s are developed for all employees and reviewed yearly to ensure expanding growth and professionalism.  We regularly consider new training opportunities in a variety of related areas to keep all employees updated with current rules, regulations, and processes.

At Environment Solutions we believe that a large part of our success results in our ability to always:

•    Effectively handle unexpected circumstances and requests
•    Apply a “yes we can do it” attitude
•    Search for and adopt industry best practices
•    Constantly search for and apply more effective solutions
•    Being proactive
•    Provide transparent, continuous and accurate information to our costumers
•    Secure compliance
•    Establish clear processes and procedures

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