NoFloods Water Tube Barrier




The NoFloods Water Tube Barrier Solutions are based on innovative technology developed and tested in Denmark. The NoFloods Barrier™ technologies are subject to patents or patent applications around the world. The NoFloods Barrier™ and the NoFloods GVOIR™ are registered trademarks of Environment Solutions ApS.


The NoFloods Technologies have been extensively tested and are certified by several Emergency Preparedness departments such as the French Sécurité Civile and has additionally been awarded the PRODUCT ACCREDITATION & ENDORSEMENT EVALUATION CERTIFICATE AND RECOMMENDATION for flood protection and oil leak response by the NDRRMC OCD (Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council Office of Civil Defense).


The NoFloods technology is highly flexible, efficient and cost effective and offers as such many advantages:


  • Can be deployed both preventively and curatively
  • Rapid and easy deployment
  • Can be deployed in 200 meter sections – and continuously extended
  • Lowest weight pr. meter before deployment - 3 kg/m dry weight and 2350 kg/m filled
  • 4 men can deploy 1000 meter in less than 4 hours
  • Standard sections can retain 80 cm. of water
  • Deployment on all types of surfaces
  • Conforms to the terrain
  • Ability to circulate water (option in cold climate/during winter)
  • Only takes up minimal storage space


The NoFloods Water Tube structure is an extremely solid and strong product. It is very resistant to abrasion and tear and the materials will easily resist between -40°C and +50°C and is also resistant to most chemicals. 




We have developed four solutions in the NoFloods Water Tube product range, the NoFloods Barrier PRO, the NoFloods Barrier BASIC, the NoFloods Cofferdam and the NoFloods GVOIR.


NoFloods - Mont de Marsan, France                  NoFloods - KEG Gaz, Hungary                  NoFloods - Redon, France.

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