NoFloods BASIC




During flash rains or when rivers overflow businesses and private entities are also in the need of effective flood protection. Basements, basement garages, car parks are regularly victims of floods. Even in case of a low scale event, water-damages often amount in thousands of Euros! 


The NoFloods Barrier BASIC has been specially designed to deliver a highly efficient flood protection that is easy to put in place! The NoFloods Barrier BASIC does not require any site preparation, additional equipment or permanent installations, it is: 


EASY TO INSTALL: The NoFloods BASIC flood barrier is packed as a roller; and is basically deployed as the PRO Solutions. You just have to unwind it on the ground and fill it with water.

FLEXIBLE: The NoFloods Barrier BASIC can be bent, at every point and in every direction.

ROBUST: The NoFloods BASIC is an extremely solid and strong product. It is very resistant to abrasion and tear. The materials will easily resist between -40°C and +50°C and is resistant to most chemicals.


The NoFloods BASIC can be delivered in 10-30 meter sections and in two heights (NoFloods BASIC 60 and NoFloods BASIC 125) and consists of two connected water filled parallel tubes permanently joined to form a twin tube element with high static stability. 


It is possible to extend the NoFloods BASIC Barrier, but depending on the situation and for longer distances, we recommend the NoFloods PRO Barrier solution.


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             Who we are

                    Headquartered in Denmark, Environment Solutions ApS develops and manufacture solutions for temporary flood protection and liquid storage and we probably offer the most efficient solution for temporary large scale flood protection. We have invested actively in creating the world's most cost-effective solution for flood protection, as well as deploying temporary reservoirs for storing rainwater, wastewater etc. Our products and solutions are based on more than 12 years experience of dealing with floods and natural disasters. Environment Solutions ApS has reinvented the solution for flooding, based on a market driven and customer-oriented approach. Today we probably offer the strongest solutions for large-scale flood protection in terms of price and efficiency. Environment Solutions is represented and markets its products in more than 40 countries.