Vision, Mission and Values


“NoFloods will become the preferred solution for temporary flood protection”



  • We have a mission to ”reduce devastations from flooding” by:
  • Searching and finding opportunities where our products can make a significant impact towards preventing hydro meteorological disasters.
  • Innovating new products and new ways of helping sustain against naturals disasters caused by water.
  • Increasing our cost-benefit making possible to protect the 3rd world against flooding.
  • Building up relations to influential people in governments, institutes, NGO’s in this political arena.


  • We put quality in work(professionalism and good service)
  • We take ownership(showing responsibility and keeping our promises)
  • We create value(ES, business partner)
  • We make a difference


  • We believe that success is created by always providing 10% extra
  • We believe that success is created through win-win outcomes
  • We believe that honesty and sincerity will bring us farthest
  • We believe that success is created by our customers are successful

Environment Solutions




Addresses and global contact

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