NoFloods Cofferdam

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Based on the NoFloods technology,we have have designed a
mobile Cofferdam that offers an effective and cost-efficient solution
for water control (dewatering, water diversion and
damming),to facilitate:


The NoFloods Cofferdam is easy to install,totally safe and
uses on-site waterto fill the tube structure,forming a
strong and stable barrier.                                                                             



EASY INSTALLATION - It is deployed directly into the water, to set up an ultra-fast cofferdam. It’s not until the tube fills and the pressure of the water builds, that the dam is installed in a controlled manner to create the cofferdam. Depending on the size of the cofferdam, one or two people can easily transport and install it.
MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - It can be used in many situations thanks to its ability to curve in almost any direction or to be set up in virtually any stream e.g. it can be used to dry up one side of a river or bridge pillar while leaving the other side free for water to flow.
STABILITY - It adapts to the terrain and is therefore suitable for all common substrates such as grass, gravel and asphalt. You can also attach a membrane to enhance its stability depending on the weather or environment. This prevents the danger of skidding.
MODULARITY - It is possible to connect sections with junctions so as to achieve the exact dam-length needed. The NoFloods Cofferdam can remain installed for longer periods of time because the materials used have high durability and can withstand tough conditions.

The NoFloods Cofferdam is designed to stop and withstand still water as well as rushing water, and can be installed
directly in the water.

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