NoFloods Alu Barriers
 NoFloods Alu Barriers


The NoFloods ALU (Aluminium) Barrier offers one of the most effective, resistant and long-lasting solutions for flood mitigation and loss reduction
on the market. The high strength and lightweight of the aluminum structure gives a barrier that is easy to install, robust, flexible, reusable and
with a lifespan of 50 years.


EXTREMELY STRONG: It uses aluminum as core material and a waterproof membrane to create flood barriers that are extremely resistant.

FAST AND EASY INSTALLATION: The NoFloods ALU Barrier follows an easy and logical step-by-step assembly procedure that combined with the low weight of the system makes the NoFloods ALU Barrier suitable for personnel with limited training. No external equipment or special tool is necessary for the installation.

STABILITY: It is possible to assemble the barrier on all the common surfaces, such as grass, gravel and asphalt, without it sliding. It does not require supplementing anchoring.

The ALU Barriers are available in different heights: 50 cm, 70 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm


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