The NoFloods Mobile Barrier is the most effctive and flexible first line of protection both BEFORE flooding and AFTER flooding has occurred. As the only solution on the market the NoFloods Mobile Barrier can be deployed AFTER flooding has occurred directly in the water to protect critical infrastructure.

GVOIR is highly differentiated from other standard solutions for temporary liquid storage, which are by tradition limited by their original size. The GVOIR has a unique and modular approach, which enables temporary storage of unlimited quantities of liquids as a "stand alone" system or as an "Add on" to existing reservoirs.


The Nofloods Mobile Reservoir and the GVOIR (Giant Mobile reservoir) is designed and produced by Environment Solutions Aps. We have invested actively in creating the most cost efficient and effective solution for temporary flood protection as well as temporary storage of liquids. Our products and solutions are based on more than 12 years of experience of dealing with floods and natural disasters!


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+++Four Year contract signed in France.Environment solutions sign a new 4 year agreement in France with the French national emergency management agency “Securite Civile”. We are very proud to win this contract, which means that we are able to continue our strong collaboration with the French emergency agency. The contract confirms the positive commitment and experience with NoFloods Barriers.About Sécurité Civile: Sécurité Civile operating for the French Ministry of the Interior, the Direction de la Défense de la Sécurité Civile (Department of Civil Defence and Emergency Preparedness) is a French Government civil defence agency, employing some 2,500 civilian and military personnel over 60 sites. Known as the Protection Civile until 1976.+++

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